Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Trust

Trust . . . this is a biggie.  I may, perhaps, have a little, tiny bit of baggage over this one.

Can I trust you to love me or hurt me?  Love me or use me?  Love my family or wound them?

If I can trust you to love me, then you'll know loyalty when someone hurts you, or when life hits the fan.  Trust comes with perks.  And I don't mean every single person has to love me with the mushy, gooey, best-friend kind of love.  A simple godly love shall well suffice.  And it will pay off.  Those friends that scatter when trouble comes?  I work very hard to not be one of those, I'd much rather the trust be reciprocal.

But there is the other side of trust too.  Can I trust that you're going to hurt me?  Use me?  Be rude, thoughtless and/or take advantage of my family?  I have people I can trust to do those things too.

But my favorite is to trust in the LORD with all my heart, leaning not unto my own understanding.  Acknowledging him in every way, and trusting him to direct my paths.

Got 5 Minutes?


  1. This is the first time I've done Five Minute Friday, and I'm so glad! The verse you ended with is one of my favorites - and I enjoyed sharing in your 'five minutes."

  2. A missionary friend of mine shared an African proverb - A friend will offer you shelter from the rain. A good friend will stand in the rain with you.

    Thanks for being a irl/cyber friend I can count on :D


  3. Yeah, trust is a hard one. I always try to "guard my heart" and have a hard time trusting more than a handful of people.


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