Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Real


I had to chuckle because I was just talking about this the other day with a gal who had asked why I was no longer on facebook or twitter.  My response had a lot to do with what is real.

90% of Twitter?  90% of Facebook?  Multitudes of the blogs out there?

Not. Real.

You get the fluffed and duffed and primped and coiffed snippets suitable for public display.  You have your tweets who follow you, facebook friends, blogs in your reader - but do they leave you feeling real?  Really loved?  Really filled?


Would you have this 'close' or 'chatty' of a relationship outside of facebook/twitter?

90% No.

Real is getting my work done, being caught up on the ironing, keeping meals prepared while my children study.  Real is the feeling I have when falling into bed after a day of productivity.  Real is the feeling after a long chat with a friend, face to face, pen to pen, or keyboard to keyboard.

Real relationships.  Real knowledge.  Real love.  Real concern.

If it's only social media, that's hardly real.  Social media with friends and family you have in real life that simply reinforces what is truly real?  Great.  Social media with friends and family that only exist in the social media avenues?  Vanity.*

I prefer my real husband and real children, my dear, real, face to face (and a very precious few I-wish-face-to-face) friends near and far.  I prefer having my real home in real order.  I prefer loving and being loved through real relationships.

Anything else is just. not. real.

Time's Up.

*Just to keep it real, I do have a facebook account.  However, I use it to track my brother and sister-in-law and their family (we're not at all close and this is my only avenue of contact) and also my sister, whom I have only recently met.  Yes, it's vanity in a way, but for these family members, I'll take what I can get.  At least I have the safety net of knowing that I'm not snowing myself over it.

p.s. This is my. personal. take. on social media.  If you jive with social media, GREAT!

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  1. I feel the same way! I do Facebook but not Twitter (ONE MORE THING to distract!). Its the VIRTUAL world for sure, not the real one. Like your post.

  2. I know that different things are good for different people but Twitter is my pet peeve. Less time on the computer would be better for everyone I think!

  3. I enjoyed your take on Real. Very authentic, very down-to-earth very real.

  4. Two thumbs up. I regularly want to close my facebook account b/c it's a waste of time IMHO but then there are just those few people that I don't see in regular day to day life that it's easier to keep in touch with through FB.


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