Monday, January 16, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Sunny, clear blue, high of 68.  We got to enjoy some light rain early this morning, but alas, it didn't stick around.  :(
I am Thinking
About a garden box I'm going to plant in February.

I am Thankful For
Some desert gardening books given to me by a fabulous, young friend of mine.

I am Creating
A checked-off to-do list.  Love those!

I am Reading
Jane Austen Made Me Do It
Folks, this ain't normal

I am Praying
For a January 24 teleconference between some powers-that-be.
A few sick friends.
A fabulous new beginning for a WI church.

I am Hearing
Forks scraping bowls and the consumption of a batch of home made macaroni and cheese being consumed by the fab four.

From the Kitchen

Around the House
Some laundry done, emails tended, routine cleaning, studies, etc.  Nothing stellar, but nice progress in the basics of life.

We are Learning
What to shift around in order to accommodate new things we've taken on for this academic year.

A Few of My Favorite Things
My husband. Quiet time before the minions awake.  My Essential Oil Desk Reference.

Plans for the Week
Home today, clean the Anthem house tomorrow, lessons and visit Nana on Wednesday, lots of company this weekend.

On my Mind
Contentedly living in the here and now while looking forward to the there and then.

A Peek at My Life

I was cleaning out my hard drive and came across
this photo from last October.
He is so ridiculously handsome.
And then there are the dimples.
Can not stop the dimples.

Care to Daybook?


  1. You like to-do list also! I try not to do too much in one day - it creates chaos and nothing gets done :(

    Thank you for visiting the cottage...your son is quite a cutie - and the dimples.... :)


  2. That picture... SO ADORABLE! (Tell him I said "Handsome" ;D )

    And mac and cheese! That's like the "lunch of champions" when you've been playing out in the snow. And you have 68F! We'd be in shorts and t'shirts!!


  3. Handsome Boy! I love it when I find random photos.

  4. Thanks for praying for us! I was asked to sub on the worship team this weekend, and I feel peaceful and excited to step up to help...even though I wondered last Sunday if that would have been my last time there. And, FYI, the last of the handwritten notes went out today! Did the hardest one on Monday - in the mail yesterday and surely received today. Oh, to be a fly on a wall over there! But, even if I never hear responses, I'm glad I wrote that one and every other one as well. And tomorrow I'll bake cookies and take them into the faithful office staff, who have been plugging away for a long time under lots of pressure and stress. :^)


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