Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolutions? No Thank You, Per Se

New Years Resolutions and I have no working relationship.  We get along for about 15 minutes and then I'm over it.  However I do think that if you keep doing the same thing, then you're going to get the same result, and there is still nothing like a new year to encourage consideration regarding what the next 12 months ahead holds.

I noticed that after we moved I stopped reading and stopped creating.  I don't mean cold turkey, or 100%, but it all just never got back up and running.  We cleaned, sorted, sold, packed, moved, remodeled, etc and when it was time for a union break I'd hit the laptop toread blogs or browse Pinterest or put my feet up in front of a movie for a few minutes.  Not bad in and of themselves, until they became the norm.

Not good.

So anyway, I decided that I was going to read more and create more in 2012.  While I have specifically not dropped numbers into this desire, what I am doing is listing in the sidebar what I'm reading and what I'm creating once books and projects are either started or next up.  As projects and books come to a close, the next up will be dropped into the queue.  By the end of the year I'll be able to easily see what I did with my time.

A direction and a simple way to map the journey.


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