Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recently Seen About the Condo . . .

Holly, the fastest warm-spot finder in the west, reached new levels of "Yeah Baby!"  She had been sitting on a chair I had just vacated and thus left pre-heated for her.  But when Rose deposited a load of her laundry fresh from the drier right next to the chair, Holly took it as an invitation and now deems it appropriate to snuggle down into clean clothes.  Can't you hear her?  "You weren't going to fold those, were you?"

Given the amount of yick in "food" that comes out of packages, and the amount of, "Oh My!" in home made tortillas, we had to get a press.  The six of us just go through too many to be rolling by hand.  This presses flat enough to make gorditas, but next time around we're going to press, and then hand roll a little more to see if we can get them thinner.  It should still be much easier than 100% hand rolling.

Yes, I still have a ways to go before mastering the cast iron skillet!

Welcome to tortilla heaven, none-the-less.

I opened the Arcadia door that leads to the balcony outside my bedroom the other day and was immediately smacked in the face.

Those are buds.  On the branches.  The buds are lovely, but spring in January?  That's just wrong.

This is what I'm doing today.  Finishing up the short stories in Jane Austen Made Me Do It, marking a few recipes in the French Table cook book, and consulting my doctor (the Essential Oils Desk Reference) for a friend.

Keep in mind, that 'a few' is a relative term.

What's been going on around your house lately?

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