Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reading More - January Notes

Just a run-down of what I've been up to most recently!

Jane Austen Made Me Do It
This one started slow and was actually pretty tedious until I realized it was because of the short story format.  With short stories, so many different characters are introduced in so short a time that it's a lot of work to keep track of them.  Once I started reading a story, then putting it down for a bit it started going much better.  One after another was just not working.  Some stories you just kind of groan, but others are quite good.  I'm really looking forward to Pamela Aidan's offering.  I haven't found any other Jane Austen inspired authors that didn't make me yawn, roll my eyes at their lack of originality, or make me want to throw up with their sappiness.

It's All Too Much
I was hoping for a few innovative organizational tips, but alas, it was not to be.  Not the author's fault, however, this was a book about something else.  This is a book authored by a man who does the TV show, "Hoarders".  Now, I've never seen the show, and can't even imagine that these people are for real, but apparently they are.  I went ahead and gave the book a turbo-fast read anyway and found his statement on 'collections' very interesting.

If it's boxed up and in the garage, it's not a collection, it's 'stuff' and needs to go.  If it's lovingly and thoughtfully displayed in your home, then it's a 'collection'.  Had to laugh, then, at his two cents on the subject of books in the house, as he's clearly never considered the purposeful building of a family library.  So, since my books are lovingly and thoughtfully displayed in my home, I may call it a 'collection' and keep it.  Thank you very much!

Folks, this ain't normal
Ahh . . . nothing like Joel Salatin for a bit of common sense.  When he started by pointing out that boys whose most important goal of the day was reaching the next level on their video game, and whose daily exercise was the working out of their thumbs and that, "Folks, this ain't normal!" I knew I was sold.

Rock solid as usual, and a recommended read for anyone who buys groceries at the grocery store, or any Republican or Democrat.  (Shall we just call them Republicrats since they're really the same thing?)

Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days
I just picked this hold up from the library, threw it in my side bar, and had to clarify.  I'm not really interested in losing weight and being happier in 10 days, as I don't go for that kind of stuff.  However, I've read bits and pieces about the Master Cleanse and simply want to investigate.  So it's next up in the queue.

What are YOU reading???

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  1. Oh good for you! I'm not doing much reading at all, lately, except with the boys. Have a LIST of books I want to get through, and am currently chewing on Hold On To Your Kids.



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