Thursday, January 5, 2012

November's E-Ticket Ride to Diamond L

OK, finally safe to go public.  Ready?

I grew up on on Diamond J Ranch.

Fast forward a few decades.

Several months ago we received a printout of a piece of property in TN.  Dear friends shared it with us along with the others they were looking at - just so we could be excited with them about their adventure.  The property we, personally, liked was perfect, but we weren't really 'looking', not in a position to buy, and at the time it was pricey for us.  And, after all, this was their adventure.

Our ride starts several months later, in November of last year (2011), after watching this piece of property drop, and drop, and drop in price.

Mr Perfect and I discuss and decide that if the Lord brings the property down to a specific price that we’d be willing to shake and scheme to get it, even knowing that we may not be able to get out there for another few years.  I told Mr Perfect that we needed to go look at it while were in TN the following week (we were already going to visit friends).  That way if it dropped in price a few months later we could make an educated decision without requiring another trip.

In the morning Piotr emails Mr Realtor to make arrangements to see the place while we’re there.  That evening Mr Realtor responds and mentions that the buyer would take an offer of the exact amount on which we had previously, and secretly, decided.

Mr Perfect comes up with 3 possible plans that would lock us into control of the property.  He makes a few phone calls making sure things work the way he thinks they would.

Mr Perfect places a call to his boss to inquire as to the chances of a position (his current position, the best job in the company – he’ll retire from this position) being created out of Nashville in 3 years.  The response is something to the effect of "snowball’s chance in hell", but the boss would check around a bit.  Mr Perfect decides that he’d take a management position (which sucks) if that’s what he needed to do to get us there 3 years from now.

I call my mom and ask her if they’d review the property paperwork and tell us what they think.  We get my dad and Mr Perfect on the phone.

The next thing I know Mr Perfect comes to me and says, “Wanna see your dad?  He’s coming to TN!”  A few phone calls later we learn my mom is joining him and they’ll be there to see the property in a week.  Apparently reviewing the property on paper wasn't good enough.  We couldn't be more excited!  :)

We depart for TN.

We see the property up close and in person and it’s as fabulous as we thought it was.

Mr TN Friend (our friend in TN that we stay with) advises, “Don’t limit God, you have no idea what he has planned for you” after a conversation about the very slim chance of all of this working out.

Mr Perfect meets with the pastor there for counsel and is advised to move within a year.

Later that afternoon Mr Perfect calls me from Nashville where he and Mr TN Friend are running errands.  He had just gotten off the phone with his boss who had called him to say, “I think you can have a position out of Nashville, can you be there to start Dec 1st?”  Yes, of 2011.  Piotr pushes to the first quarter of 2012, the boss is left to firm up approval and we’re left to pray, pray, pray since this is a, ‘maybe’ and we still have to figure out if we can get Daisy moved with us.  (Her dad lives in AZ and us leaving her behind in AZ is not an option.)

I pace and manage my spinning head while the children (my four and the TN two) get suspicious.

My parents meet us at the property and we spend a few hours traipsing around (It’s 23 acres, some forest, some pasture, pond, etc.).  Back to our friend’s house for lunch and then we take over the dining table for counsel.  They say it's perfect and we write up an offer.

After my parents leave, Mr Perfect and I take Daisy to the back porch and have a chat.  We explained all the details the Lord was managing and ask her for her thoughts.  “I want to move here now.” was her response.  Well, OK then!

Once that conversation was over we headed back inside to the rest of the waiting and pacing and very curious children.  Daisy announces that this may be our last visit to TN – at which point all faces fell until she said, “Because we're going to try to move here!”

Later we receive word of a counter offer for more than we're willing to pay.  We reject it.  Shortly after, Mr Realtor makes some calls and offers our desired price.

Once home  we learn that our offer was accepted and a fast closing date has been set.

We close on the property and now own Diamond L Ranch, in TN.

All within less than a month.


See why I've been a little spacey lately?  :)  We don't know when we'll be able to go, and while we're praying hard for sooner rather than later, we'll move for Daisy's 18th birthday in July of 2014 at the latest.

Ride over.

Well, for now at least!


  1. Fun! I wondered if it was all something along these lines. So, is your Mr. Perfect "commuting" back and forth now?? Hope your move is sooner rather than later!

  2. Mr Perfect is still based out of Phoenix. We're making contingency plans in case the TN job opens before we're clear to leave AZ.

  3. Isn't God surprising?!

    Found the verse,

    2 Kings 3:18
    This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord; He will also hand Moab over to you.

    I'm not claiming to be a prophet, just acknowledging that things which look impossible to us are "an easy thing" to Him. Be it moving in a couple of months, or managing the "contingency plan", if need be.

    Praying for His wonderful will,


  4. Yes! Feels good to get it out there, doesn't it?

  5. I'm encouraged that you now feel secure enough to "go public!" Still praying my little head off for the remaining details! :^)

  6. J - thank you for the verse, I'm going for Moab!

    CK - yes, so thrilled to finally be able to share a piece of this. It's really hard to 'talk to' people and not really be able to 'talk'!

    T - prayers - thank you, because it's ALL ABOUT those details!!!


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