Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Awake

That semi-sleep, you know the one.  Woken, but fuzzy in thought, then blurred, then before I know it woken again to realize I drifted off.  My bed is so lovely, so comfortable, so warm, and Holly behind my legs snuggled in.

Awake, yet in denial.  Do I really have to get up?  More fuzzy, more blurred, and once again, awake to realize I drifted off agian.  It's delicious.  No morning appointments to force the issue of moving to a more upright position.  Wallowing in the perfect warm.

But once I realized Mr Perfect was not in bed I that's all it took.  Down the stairs I discovered him on the couch, having earlier been sufering with some allergy problems.  His awake was not nearly as lovely as mine.  I got to lay down next to him for a while under that ginormous, warm, brushed cotton quilt custom made for his 6'4" frame.

It was uncomfortable with the pillow craning my neck forward.  But I was so glad to be there, to have been awake for this.  Just us, even for just a few minutes before Holly joined us.  (She always follows the body heat, having none of her own.)

A slow waking, a slow morning.  But awake to a new day, fresh, no mistakes yet.  Awake to coffee, awake to the whatever the Lord has for me today, prayer requests from friends, chatty emails, awake to my children and their world-class hugs, awake to the possiblities.

And with such a lovely start, awake is a good place to be.

Got 5 Minutes?


  1. What a wonderful morning. These are the type of morning that create memories for a lifetime. I Love It! I Love these mornings!

  2. Very sweet tribute to Mr. Perfect, Q. And, yes, awake to the possibilities from God--a fresh start! A good day. Blessings on yours!

  3. What a blessed memory you're giving your children! Best way to start the day!

  4. That was a good 5 minutes! You are a wonderful writer.

  5. Thank you ladies, you're so encouraging!


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