Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not Dead Then?

No, I'm not dead, nor M.I.A.

November started us on a beyond-exciting adventure.  It was all unexpected systems "go" faster than we could have ever asked for or dreamed up ourselves.  Only God, only God.  We spent the weeks standing, hands in air, praising His gifts as He laid them at our feet, one after another, after another.

The December portion of said beyond-exciting adventure has brought us to our knees, thanking God for what He's done thus far, and begging Him for the last miracle that would enable the adventure to come to fruition.

Our dream lies in the hands one more person.  Selfish, manipulative towards one of our weaker family members, and unable to separate the personal from the opportunity.  Yet we need his clearance to move forward on this adventure.

Our household has cocooned, circled the wagons, closed up ranks, remaining within the borders where we're all safe.  It's been hard to get into the holidays this year.  With this looming over our heads we're kind of walking around in a haze, not even wanting to do anything about Christmas.

But the other day I was well convicted.

Q, Christmas is not about how you feel . . . it's about me, about celebrating my birth, my life, and all that would be accomplished through it . . . including all the gifts I gave you in November.  I will not stop my work until it's completed . . . celebrate me . . . trust me.  I know how this is going to work out, and while you don't, you know I'm going to work it for your good . . . yet one more perfect gift.

So, don't give up on me.  I'm coming around . . .

Thanks be to God.


  1. Amen! And I'm still prayin' my socks off for the RIGHT to be accomplished...and for the miracle of God expediting the process. Also praying peace for you all. :^)

  2. I've had the same conviction this year... that Christmas is not about me, however much I try to make it that way. You speak the truth!


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