Friday, December 2, 2011

5 Minute Friday - Tired

1600 miles in two days,  late nights spent with dear friends that you don't regret, an e-ticket ride, 1600 miles in two days to get home, recovery taking days.

Laundry, Thanksgiving immediately following.

The elder and his family coming, busy schedules, late nights that you don't regret either.

All in the middle of coming off a cycle where sleep is somewhat elusive.

Tired is the Lord's way of saying, "Stop.  Rest your body."

Yes, I feel like a bum for napping so much lately.

"What did you do today?"

"Well, nothing.  I laid around like third base and then I took a nap and then I laid around some more.  Just like I did yesterday."

It's ok.  Not forever, not as a way of life.  It's the body needing to be down.  It's the mind and soul needing to be down.  To find rest, quiet, to get centered and focused again.  To work back into full nights of sleep and productive days.

Tired is ok - as long as we do something about it.

Got 5 Minutes?  Join here.

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  1. He knows we're weary. I'm always comforted by the story of the angel ministering to Elijah after the showdown on Mt. Carmel. God knew his first need was for sleep and food :D


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