Friday, December 30, 2011

5 Minute Friday - Open


I have no choice but to be open to what this new year holds.  It's not often I'm not in control of the majority of my life (well, so it would seem) but as I enter into 2012 I've got nothing, less knowledge of where I'm going, and how, than ever before.  It leaves me wondering, is 'open' an area in which I need to grow?  Probably.

So here I am, open as I step from one year to the next.  Open to my life in the hands of others who don't even know me, open to where ever I'll be living, open to whatever huge life change awaits me (and a life change is almost guaranteed), open to a new plan for academics, open to a possible military life style, or a season of life like the nomads, here a  little and there a little.

But the only way I'm going to move through this year of open is on my knees, drowning in the word of the Wonderful Counselor, trusting his leading, trusting that he's got this all under control and that I don't have to control every single thing in my life.  Open to what he would have for me, his will, his way, his timing.

And no will, way, or timing is better than that.

Got 5 minutes?  Then come join us here.

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  1. Down on our knees...the only way to be completely open to HIM. Thank you for sharing.



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