Monday, November 21, 2011

Questions and Answers

I've had a few questions roll through from a few different emails recently so thought it would be easiest to answer them all via one post. Ready?

Where did my blog title come from?

The blog title, "Napalm in the Morning", comes from a line in Apocalypse Now where one of the characters is noting how he loves the smell of napalm in the morning - the gasoline smell - "Smells like . . . victory!"  Sometimes I am (as are we all) blasted with figurative napalm.  A lesson I learned just before starting this particular blog was that sometimes life flings some horrid stuff your way.  It's destructive, and there is no escape.  But after those blasts, there is growth, hindsight, and victory.

How did I get "Q"?

"Q" came from three directions.

1.  I used to work with two friends consulting for weddings.  One lady was really good with contracts and vendors and deals.  The other was the queen of public relations.  My strengths included putting out fires unbeknownst to anyone else and this means being resourceful.  During one wedding that had more than the usual amount of fires, one of my partners made a comment about me being like "Q" in the James Bond movies.  He was the quartermaster who would come up with all sorts of fabulous devices to manage James Bond's needs and dilemmas.

2.  About the same time that the weddings were going on, I was in frequent communication with a young wife and mother.  She's often call with the distress of the day and I'd try to steer her to truth.  (You know, "No, your child isn't shy, she's rude and needs to be trained." and "Sorry your husband is being a jerk, what are you going to do to love him today?")  Anyway, she and her husband were Trekkies and one day she said that I was like Q in The Next Generation.  Often right, and annoyingly so.  No, I'm not always right, far from, actually.  I just happened to have lived through everything she was currently going through, so it only seemed as if I had a clue.

3.  My first name is Jacqueline.  When I was studying ASL and in the Deaf community a little more, I noticed that when I introduced myself or was being introduced to people in ASL that they'd follow the J, A, and C.  Once it came to the 'Q', many would shake their heads because it's so rare in a name.  I'd have to start again.  It didn't take long for my name sign to simply be the letter 'Q'.

Where are my links?

Long ago I kept links of blogs I read in my side bar.  One day I did some housekeeping at my blog and deleted the ones that were no longer pertinent and added the new ones I had discovered.  Let's face it, you read a blog, it's great, and then you grow, or the blogger grows, and it's just no longer such a great fit, etc.  It just happens and it's ok to drop blogs from your reading list.  In fact, I encourage a seasonal cleaning!  Anyway, I was contacted by more than one grown woman telling me there must have been a mistake because her blog was no longer in my list.  One went so far as to tell me I should contact blogger so they could correct their error.

I have no interest in this policing who is reading who and the nonsensical, covert attempt at, "there must have been a mistake".  I stopped reading your blog.  It's ok.  It doesn't mean you're not a worthy person, or having nothing of value to say.  It simply means that I'm cleaning house and cutting back to the blogs that are helpful to me at the stage of life I'm in.  And yes, if you're one of my three readers and one day realize it's a waste of your time, DROP ME!!!  :)

Do I know about Google Friend Connect?

Yes, actually, I do, and what an easy way to find possible like-minded blogs.  But no, I'm not going to hook it up.  I notice too much number counting and how many are connected to this blog and that.

I blog for my own selfish reasons, but popularity is not one of them.  I'm simply into my own little quiet and quirky life, and if someone can smile, laugh, learn, or pray after reading something I've noted, then praise be to God.  I blog publicly (as opposed to keeping a private journal) because I know the yick that goes through my evil heart, and posting about something requires me to clean up my act sin first and I find that helpful.  Also, I no longer scrapbook, so this is also my way of scrap-booking whatever is going on in my life at the moment.

The Boys/International Adoption

Yes I think people should consider adoption, but no, it's absolutely NOT for everyone.  If you can't go with the flow then forget it.  If you don't want your own sin magnified and in your face, then forget it.  Yes it was crazy expensive.  No, foster care was never an option, nor was domestic adoption.  Yes the boys are biological brothers and identical twins.  Yes, we've always been able to tell them apart, right from the first photo.  No, you can't have them if we can't manage, their dance cards are full!  ;)

Anything else?  :)


  1. You are always refreshing and let me just say...

    I agree!

    That's why I don't put a list of blogs I follow. Actually, I don't "follow" any. I read the ones I like when I can.

  2. LOL, well, I'm sure you have more than three readers...but I love that you don't care one way or the other. And my husband thinks you must be a terrific lady with a blog titled like this; of course, I've told him that he's right. :^)

  3. Hi, dropped by from Herding Grasshoppers. I think I will off and clean up my sidebar now. I keep Australian bloggers in my sidebar as it is a great help to build our community if we link to each other but I think the others could go.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz


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