Monday, October 10, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Green trees, blue skies, a few clouds, creeping back towards 89 degrees.

I am Thinking
I need more wisdom if I'm going to bring these children up to the glory of God.

I am Thankful For
A faithful God.  He's seen us through quite a lot these last few weeks.

I am Creating
Routine.  Our modified fourth quarter starts today!

I am Reading
The Parent Notebook for the Bible Bee.  (That's on our list for the above mentioned modified fourth quarter!)

I am Praying
For wisdom, and a lot of it.

I am Hearing
Girls chatting excitedly about a trip we announced last night.

From the Kitchen

Around the House
90% order.  Really need to get the kitchen painting finished this week.

We are Learning
That the tops of my feet are magnets for Labrador puppies.  (Our house guest.)

A Few of My Favorite Things
My cozy condo!

Plans for the Week
Ha!  No idea.  I haven't had any coffee yet, and I'm sure not going to look at the calendar to see what's on the agenda.

On my Mind
Priming and painting and caulking, OH MY!

A Peek at My Life

Wallow is our first canine house guest since moving to the condo.  Yesterday a lady came to buy our moving boxes and we went to put Wallow in his kennel so we wouldn't have to worry about him.  He didn't want to go, so ran and hid behind the futon.  You can just hear him, "If I'm very still and quiet, they won't know that I'm not obeying . . ."

Had to laugh though, the photo showed me that we will, indeed, be moving every piece of furniture when we dust mop.  Gads . . . and to think the same thing happens when one vacuums carpet, but we don't always move furniture in that case . . . yikes!

If nothing else, each move teaches me where I must improve in my home keeping.  :)

Care to Daybook?

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