Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is October Over Yet?

Saturday was the final football game of the season for my son.

At one point he got hurt and was on the bench for a few minutes.  I went over, put some oil on his knee, quietly removed the pink ribbon sticker I found on the back of his helmet, and didn't have a cow.

Yes, cancer is awful. But before you buy pinkwashed product all October long, please, please research what's really going on.

Where is that money really going?  (I mean, apart from the half-million dollar CEO salaries, etc.)

What, exactly, are the goals of these 'awareness' groups?  Better yet, do their actions match their stated goals?

Why are they pushing things that are unsafe, yet ignoring safe alternatives?  (i.e. mammograms - unsafe and counter productive vs thermography - safe and effective.)

Why don't the big 'for the cure' (don't tell the pink people I used that phrase, they don't like that) people spend their efforts doing something productive like educating people about pH levels (many diseases, cancer among them, can not even develop in an alkaline body) and nutrition (such as the high levels of intravenous vitamin C that's curing cancer with minimal side-effects)?

Oh, that's right . . . there's no money in truth telling.

Research. Please research.  And the real kind, not the pink kind.

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  1. Not too mention that groups like Susan Komen are linked financially with Planned Parenthood. The American Cancer Society supports stem cell research. And all of them are suppressing the link between abortion and breast cancer.


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