Friday, October 21, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ ending on an upswing, can't argue with that!

In our studies this week ~ some of the children continue to struggle with making things much harder than they really are.  (And these particular two children happen to be male.)  Genetic?  ;)

What needs some tweaking ~ doing ~ It just occurred to me this morning that we're pushing then end of October and I haven't even planned out the books needed for our next academic year starting in January.  Seems I've been a tad preoccupied, perhaps!  Anyway, time to bust a move.

My own discipleship ~ I'm working through I Peter with the girls as they work through National Bible Bee studies.

The best thing about the week ~ was coming up with a new plan for math for the boys that we'll try next week.  HOPE!

Questions, comments, thoughts ~  I'm liking this modified study schedule, the laid back-ness of it all.  How can I launch this as a way life?

Ack!  I'm on the desktop and can't get to my Mr Linky.  Copy, paste, write it up, and leave me a comment so I can come visit you!

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  1. Laughing at myself... wish I could say the making things harder was genetic, but I've been guilty of it myself.

    Glad things are on the upswing - that always feels good :D



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