Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days - Day 8

What is good motivation for finding a home for the not-sure-where-to-put-it stuff that has been accumulating on the dining table?

A dinner guest!

We learned last night that we're having company after church tomorrow.  Company and the meal it requires means we need the use of the dining table.

SO - along with Lando's football game, tearing out the old base boards, sealing, and installing new baseboards in the laundry room, changing a few filters, putting a chunk of painting stuff away, adjusting the fittings on the cabinet latches in the master bathroom (I think having to kick the doors shut is a bit much), cleaning and getting the glass top on the desk, doing a general cleaning in the family room and powder room, we also found a place for the few remaining photo boxes, the pile of "outta-here" stuff, and the two boxes of things that get hung on the walls that aren't going to be hung until we paint.

Houston, we have a visual on the surface of the dining table!

Small successes, folks, small successes!

(Oh, and in the middle of all that I took another nap.  Seems to be a daily requirement.  Think I'm permaybehaps a tad tired?)

But it's getting delightful around here - so it's worth it!

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  1. Can't wait to get a few minutes and catch up with my bloggy friends :D JUST GOT BACK from three weeks on the road, and there is no place like home!

    Thanks SO MUCH for meeting us at the G.C. Had a fabulous time and the boys are still talking about it. Open invitation to the great north west... :D



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