Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days - Day 5

I must admit to having taken a day off today.  (For the most part - I did pick up a few things at IKEA for the condo and I caulked the baseboards in the master closet upon arrival home so we could put our things back.) On Wednesdays we do all our errands, shopping, lessons, visits, etc.  Even when trying to get from Disarray to Delightful one still must put groceries in the house!  :)

One thing in the Disarray to Delightful department, however, was a comment from someone else about my situation being so complicated, the move being so overwhelming, the work required too hard, and the settling in so very difficult, and all with 4 children to manage at home and, "I'm not sure you can do it."

Complicated, overwhelming, too hard, and difficult?  No.  Finding my daughter dead underneath a dresser years ago qualified under each of these categories.  But a move?

Let's get some perspective, people.

May I please just share?  This move was not hard.  There was a lot of work to do before hand, and a lot to do during, and a substantial amount after.  I will admit to being overwhelmed for about an hour when we first got access to the condo while I wrapped my brain around an extensive plan of attack.  But an hour is so very temporary, and not hardly "so overwhelming".  The work is not too hard, the settling in is not difficult, and the children have been amazing blessings during this whole adventure.

Add to that we've had a lot of fun working on such a large project together as a family.

If I think back to the things the world has told me I couldn't do, or that were too much for me, or that they thought was a bad idea, they tend to be the biggest blessings in my life.

If I'm moving upwards - in the world's point of view - everyone cheers me on - like moving to our Anthem house a few years ago.  Big house, new neighborhood, etc.  Such congratulations and encouragement.  But making a decision to move to our condo - which is a fabulous familial and financial opportunity - is backward to the world - so it has gotten its fair share of poo-pooing.

Silly world - don't you know that if you are poo-pooing an idea, that means we're going for it?  And that if you're poo-pooing an idea it's most likely going to be blessed?

I mean - let's look at the track record of a few of the things at which the world has rolled its eyes . . .

Mr Perfect
Lando & HanSolo

Silly world - you're a slower learner than I am.


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  1. Coming up to breath for a bit, and thought I'd check in to see how you are doing....

    Thanks for this great post on perspective. Yes, this is a silly world.

    ...okay, back down I go!


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