Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days - Day 4

Progress for today!

The Koala Cabinet has been loaded.  No, it doesn't live opened up like this.  It gets all closed up nice and neat unless it's in use.

The closet where sewing supplies will live is having baseboards installed tomorrow, so I'll be able to get that put together tomorrow night.  (Actually, I just sealed it today - more on that in a minute.)  Yeah!  Chaos in the Condo!  :)
Got the painting done over the Arcadia door and kitchen window where Mr Perfect is installing the next set of curtain rods.  Not the most exciting photo - but it is progress.  :)

Since all the baseboards here will be replaced a little at a time, I thought I'd seal off the cracks to defend against unwanted critters as we go along.  Some dear friends did this, had wonderful results, and advised me as to what to do (and, more importantly, what NOT to do).

Look at that space!  A RAT could fit through there!  (Well, if we had them, which we don't, but still!)  OK, maybe not . . . but certainly, some rather unseemly things could fit through there and I'm just not all that into unexpected and/or uninvited guests.

My new favorite past time?  Firing my caulking blaster!  Alright, perhaps not my new absolute favorite, but I do enjoy sealing up these cracks.  Once the baseboards go in it will look great.  Then I'm going to caulk those too just in case!  :)

I also got more cleared out of the dining room.  If I can find a spot to house the boxes of things that get hung on walls until we paint the family room, we may be able to eat at the dining table again before too long.


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