Monday, October 3, 2011

31 Days Day 3

Ready for the post-trucks tour?  Keep in mind we brought 3 truck loads to a 1700 square foot condo.

All I can think is . . . "You can't handle the tour!"  HA!

The back patio.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

The passage - piano side.

(Really annoying Blogger photo flip thing - sorry!)

The passage - Chaos side.

The family room.
Before - crammed with 'just get it in the house' styled unloading.

After - preliminary set up!

(Don't mind the magenta and purple blanket.  It's covering Daisy's stripped hope chest.  Once we're settled she's going to stain it and we'll have a glass top cut for it.  But for now it's protected in this very tres chic fashion.)

The master bedroom - office corner.

The master bedroom - library side.

Ahh . . . but the boys and I did the book cases today!

(To the right you get a peek at the master bath.  It needs a LOT of work - that may be another "31 Days of" project!)

The girls room.

(Seriously, any idea about the Blogger turning my photos thing???)

I didn't get photos of the boys room because theirs was the room we wanted to set up first.  They were unpacked and about settled the day we moved in.  Also not photographed are the bathrooms - next time.

Tomorrow?  More updates on our progress!  :)

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