Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days - Day 24

I lost a few drawers and some cabinet space when we moved into the condo.  On top of that I inherited a supply of food wrap type stuff from my grandmother's house just weeks prior to our move.

This was the original set up.

Yes - I repented of many an annoying thought when I had to open this cabinet.

Thank you, Pinterest, you've done it again!

Because of the downsizing, I was left with a large moving box FULL of Rubbermaid storage boxes of various sizes, lids, magazine racks, organizing boxes, etc.  Since we're just settling in I wanted to hang onto them until we were really settled and operating well.  After seeing this idea on Pinterest, I reclaimed those magazine boxes.

Once we use up some of the food wrap supply, I bet I can get down to only one or two magazine uh - food wrap racks.

I know - not terribly exciting, but boy, I'm going to be smiling every time I open up that cabinet now!  :)

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