Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days - Day 2

Today I thought I'd first share a few photos of the work that was done before Truck I, and then in between Truck I and Truck II (and yes . . . Truck III).

First, thanks to Pinterest, I had to paint this boring laundry room into something a little more fun.

See?  Fun!
If you look inside the cabinet you can see a wine color.
That was the entire laundry, kitchen, dining area.
I love the color, but it's too dark for this many people living in this little space.

(Now, if anyone can tell me how to get Blogger to acknowledge my photo rotations from Photo Explorer, I'd really appreciate it!)

Ahh . . . the master bedroom before . . .
putty colored walls, popcorn ceiling, and carpet that really needed to go.

Mr Perfect said we should remove the popcorn and lay wood flooring.

Yup.  Jumped that train!

This is some of the damage after the first truck came and was unloaded.

One fabulous, young friend commented after
unloading these bad boys,
"Mrs Q, you should consider an e-reader before your next move."


(And this isn't even all of them.
Literature and theology are on another wall waiting to go upstairs.)

 In the top left corner of this next photo you can, again, see the wine color the walls used to be.  I painted the wall on the right, and enough of the far wall to accommodate the book cases coming off of Truck I.

I call the paint color, "Cream with a Little Coffee".


Next up for tomorrow ~
A tour of the "Post Trucks/Work In Progress" phase!

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  1. Love the photos, the wood floor, the laundry room, the bookshelves! Love it all! Can't wait to see more. You do all the sweat work and I'll just watch. ;-)


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