Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days - Day 17

The painting I was going to work on this week to further our trip from Disarray to Delightful?

I did it all.  Today!  I mean, really, once you get going, you may as well continue to crank.

The closer the new cream-with-a-little-coffee colored paint got to the family room, the more evident the family room needed to be painted.  If for no other reason than to cover up the industrial putty color it was in its previous life.  I've spent time in an industrial-putty cubicle, it's not pretty.

Just Say, "NO" to Industrial Putty!

Things continue to fall into place one piece at a time.
Now it's time for some photos and the like
to get hung on the walls, and . . .

. . . for some curtains to go up.

It's still very hot, so staining that hope chest/coffee table under the plaid blanket is going to have to wait a bit longer.

And a special peek just to keep things real . . .

Anyone can use a coordinating tie-back, a lovely hook,
or an antique door knob to hold the curtains back.
Here, with typical just-moved-in fashion,
is our take on the tie-back idea . . .

for the moment, at least.  ;)

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