Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days - Day 16

Somewhere along the line I missed a day - see what happens with time?  You blink and miss it!

Despite the ladies of the family missing church, we had a delightful day.  The girls had a performance with the youth orchestra that needed them back in Anthem.  After dropping them off I headed back down to the nearest Barnes & Noble.  Yeah, that was awful.

Picked up some Sandra Boynton books for a 1st birthday gift, and a book about early American history complete with replications of various important documents.  This is perfect for the boys who, since seeing National Treasure, are very interested in this history and what these documents are.  The latest copy of Artful Blogging also leapt into my pile of finds.

A quick trip to a coffee house and I was parked back near where the girls were performing.  No, I didn't sit for the performance.  Dripping sweat in the heat for an OUTDOOR performance in OCTOBER in ARIZONA where it doesn't cool off until NOVEMBER is not my thing. Anyway, I got to enjoy my magazine
leisurely before the girls called for the pick up.  A quick drive back to the valley had us home before the gentlemen and the guests arrived after church.

Today was church fellowship (everyone from church gets together after service for a meal once a month) and it was moved to our place as the original hosts are getting a grip on colds and the like.  While we missed two of our families, there was a flip side to the coin that allowed us to all fit around our table - delightful!

Our guests were characteristically lovely and all had encouraging things to say about our new home.  How nice that we are settled to the point where we can host the church!

A good performance, lovely company, good food, encouragement, time to wind down the evening quietly, and (rumour has it) an excellent sermon to listen to tomorrow . . .

Definitely Delightful!

And the Disarray to Delightful plan for this coming week?  Painting the family room!

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  1. It does feel good to have company, doesn't it? Glad you're settled enough to enjoy it :D



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