Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days - Day 13

I'm really enjoying this productivity, and walking around and running into the latest fruit of the labor as I move about my home is always a nice bonus.

Mr Perfect hung our apron shelf, so I finally got those put away.

Here's the pantry all loaded.  The folding door that was on it made it difficult to access the things on the far side of the shelves, so it had to go.  However, we didn't want to be looking at this all the time.

SO, I got to play in Condo Chaos!

It really does work beautifully, and an added benefit is that I can't leave it out and a big mess when I'm done.  It has to be cleaned up when I'm finished, no more hiding it behind closed doors.  (And WOW, those little messes sure grow fast when hidden!)

Woo hoo!  Pantry curtain!

The above photo doesn't show the fabric very well, here it is up close and personal.  It matches the curtains over my kitchen window.

With the curtain done it was time to face the fact that the humongous (note it doesn't even FIT in the pantry) box full of Tupperware and the like had to have a different management system.

I mean, really.

Had to chuckle about the C4 designation.  The box originally brought over books from the library, and when moving that many books I mark each box with the case and shelf number so unpacking is easier.  However, when a ridiculous amount of plastic storage containers comes over in it in the next load, you wonder if you really don't just need a little C4 instead.

A little tossed, a little set out for any interested parties, and the rest put in order.

It even FITS!

After that I walked into the laundry room to shift a load and decided it was time to manage that a bit as well.
Roasting pan, box of laundry soap making stuff, large old towels, microfiber clothes and the like, more misc. cleaning stuff, and liquor.  (Doesn't everyone keep their liquor in the laundry room?)  Oh, AND ton-o-crap on top of the washing machine.

Much better.  Yes, I know the inside of the cabinets is still the lovely wine color.  That's on the 'future project' list.

Thankfully the cabinet doors are in good shape so we'll just keep them closed as the current method to manage the wine color.

Kitchen/cleaning laundry basket on top of the washing machine, smaller baskets for sorting laundry out of the dryer on top of said dryer.  (The iron is stuck there until I get a rack for hanging.)  I think I should find a small white chandelier to put in there instead of that standard boring light fixture though.

Again, not always the most exciting projects, but these baby steps are adding up!


  1. Great work! I love seeing the progress. Things are slowly but surely coming together here.

  2. It's looking wonderful! I'm with you about closet doors - they take up too much space. We've hung (cloth) shower curtains over some of ours, but I like your solution that matches your curtains!

    It sure feels good to organize and de-clutter! I'm even enjoying it vicariously :D



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