Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days - Day 13

When I wake up in the morning, if I roll to the right, I have this view . . .

I know, it's a tree.  Not very exciting.  But for a girl who loves the green and hasn't had any in a long, long time, it's lovely.

If I roll to my left, I have this . . .

Yes, trees, just in the form of books and book cases.

Lovely on either side.  However, if I sit up and look straight ahead I had this . . .

It used to be a vanity, then a past owner had it turned into a TV shelf type thing without removing the big mirror from its past life.  What it really was, was poorly done, unappealing, and a waste of space, especially for those of us who don't watch TV let alone keep one in our bedroom.  We had our contractor extraordinaire exorcise it from both previous lives and now it's usable space.

However, it was the last piece of usable space in the master bedroom that needed painting.


So, while the niche may not yet be perfectly appointed, at least it's past its mid-construction industrial drab.

Little steps!


  1. They are 'Billy' from IKEA. Check the scratch and dent section every week or so and put an entire library together for 30% less!


  3. Hurray for progress :D

    One can never have too many bookcases ;D



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