Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days - Day 10

One is often charmed by the various photo vignettes that are displayed through blogland.

Sometimes they're seasonal, the first spring wild flowers popping up, water drops flying as the children play in the sprinkler, fall leaves and pumpkins arranged on the table, etc.

Sometimes they're the fruit of spring cleaning, a reading nook freshened up, pretty curtains blowing in the breeze.  You can almost smell the fresh air!

When one is moving, the vignettes are a bit different . . .

A pretty jar filled with switch plates from the current
paint job, arranged in an asymmetric fashion
over a few rolls of toilet paper.

A back patio bursting with 'about-to-be-lived-in' ambiance.

A much-adored pet suggling down comfortably
in the best new-mattress plastic wrap her devoted master can find.

I know, you're moved, and only wish you had the ability to create such touches in your own home.



  1. Oooo, love the photo vignettes - keeping it real ;D

    And thanks for tagging me below. That will be fun to think on. Meanwhile, I am SO WITH YOU about needing more wisdom for these children!!!


  2. Loving the shot of the patio...I can almost feel that ambience calling to me through the screen.

    And I always thought those photo-shopped water droplet pictures were way over-rated. ;)

  3. I think I will "pin" these for future use... maybe in seasonal fun? ;)


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