Saturday, September 10, 2011

What Matters . . .

It doesn't matter where I was,
or what I was doing,
what I thought,
or how I reacted.

What matters is that I don't forget this day
or it's aftermath.


For those seriously connected to 9/11,
the survivors,
those who's loved ones died in the target locations,
those who searched, and worked, and rescued the few survivors,
those who cleaned up for years,
those who went to war,
those who lost loved ones in that war,
and those who are living without husband or father
because he's off keeping the rest of us safe ~

I just wanted to let you know
that I haven't forgotten,
nor have I stopped praying for you.


  1. Jacqueline,

    That is absolutely the best tribute I've read. "It's not about me..."


  2. Thank you Julie!

    I know we all remember when and where and what we were doing when we heard. But gads, I was in AZ, in my family room tending to my children. I wasn't in NYC, DC, etc, I don't know any victims or their families. Yes, it was my country, but I simply was not close enough for any of it to have been remotely 'about me'.

  3. I could feel guilty about my own stupid post... But I will say Thank You for this one! And thank you, Julie, for sharing the link.

  4. No guilt, Melanie! We all have a different take on things and that's OK!


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