Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
no idea, no time to look.
I can blog, or look, and I choose to blog!  :)

I am Thinking
so much to do, so little time.

I am Thankful For
days OFF!
YES, we took a day off and YES there is much to do.
I don't care, it was worth it.
More on that later.

I am Creating
a packed and clean home in Anthem,
and an unpacked and relatively clean home in Glendale.

I am Reading
blogs over coffee during short breaks a few times a day.

I am Praying
for endurance, health, and productivity through these last few days.

I am Hearing
Mr Perfect tearing (literally) through mail.

From the Kitchen
packed boxes!  :)

Around the House
four tired children sleeping, some rooms packed, some clean, some with a few details left to tend.  Basic last few days before a move upheaval.

We are Learning
how to put a twin over futon bunk bed frame together (THAT was fun!), and the art of finishing strong.

A Few of My Favorite Things
meeting lovely friends and their fabulous family at the Grand Canyon!

Plans for the Week
pack kitchen, unpack kitchen, finish shutting down the second floor, cleaning, house guests, last minute packing, moving, orthodontist, football game, church . . .

On my Mind
this has been so much work - and we knew it would be and that's ok.  But I'm looking forward to getting into the condo and Mr Perfect NOT having to load or unload any more moving trucks, etc. for a few years.  He's done a few in the recent months and it's time for a break.

A Peek at My Life
Saw this on Pinterest the other day - how TRUE!

Care to Daybook?

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