Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More than you ever wanted to know . . .

. . . but I have to type through it, it’s cheaper than therapy!

A month ago, Mr Perfect said, “What do you think about moving to the condo?”  In my most godly, submissive, supportive wife manner I said, “Well, let’s sleep on it and talk in the morning.”  All the while really stressing about how much I don’t want to move back to the pit Valley.  After sleeping, and later discussing the various benefits I was on board to follow him and started making plans (important stuff, furniture placement, paint colors, etc.)

We put the Anthem house up for rent and had very few lookers for 2 weeks.  Double checked rentals and dropped the price a bit.  The next day had the how-long-do-we-wait-before-putting-the-condo-up-for-rent-too conversation.  By this time I was a little annoyed because in all my holiness (go ahead and snort here) I had really gotten on board with the adventure idea and was getting in a slight snit about the Lord not providing for this fabulous financial opportunity.

A neighbor stopped by this past Saturday and inquired about the move.  I simply said that we’d wait until the end of the week and then put both the house and the condo up for rent and would see which rented first.  By this time I was back into the whatever-the-Lord-wants mode.  (I really do get there on occasion.)  We talked about how the Lord works and were both encouraged by the conversation.

Later that afternoon I took the girls to a rehearsal 25 minutes away and dropped them off.  As I pulled out of the parking lot to head back home, Mr Perfect called and said there was someone in Anthem at that very moment who wanted to look at the house but he (Mr Perfect) couldn’t be there for another hour (he was at the Hammer’s football game).  I told him I’d be ready in 30 minutes, hung up, and found a new speed capacity for our little Corolla.

25 minutes of drive time, and a house that has seen a ridiculously busy two days of garage sale, laundry sorting and the kitchen NOT being kept up, etc.  Clothes on the bed in the boys room, the kitchen was unkempt, laundry to be folded in the family room, large sums of cash (from the garage sale that morning) sorted all over the bed in the master bedroom, yikes!

I hauled home, prayed for time to make necessary adjustments, and got just enough.  FLEW through the downstairs first, hiding things, flipping lights on, straightening up.  No time to open the safe nor to put a shirt on under which I could conceal (which I always do when I show a house and Mr Perfect’s not here) so I prayed for a person or group that I could manage in an emergency situation.  A shipping box and my flip-flops got shoved in a kitchen cabinet, corkscrew with cork still attached on top of the plates in the cabinet.  All kinds of dishes dumped into the dishwasher.  Clean laundry back into the dryer.  Kennel the dog.

Right about then the door bell rung.  I opened it to a HUGE man, as tall as Mr Perfect, but twice the poundage at least.  The wife was also bigger than I am and I’m standing there with my ‘happy-welcome’ smiled screwed on and was thinking, “I’m so glad your 10 year old son is here because then you’re less likely to be a danger to me!”  Anyway, they were lovely, and I welcomed them to spend whatever time they wanted looking around.  I directed them to start DOWN stairs and during a quick question/answer moment a color combination on the man’s hat caught my attention.  I stood on my toes to get a better view and it’s a FedEx logo.  I did a quick ‘thumbs-up’ as we continued the conversation.  After he asked about my search and gesture and I said that my husband worked for FedEx.  “Oh, so do I!” 


So I left them downstairs while I RAN upstairs to assess and manage any damage.  There were piles of sorted laundry (read – bras and panties) to wash in the girls room, curling irons and hair foofala all over their bathroom (they played a wedding gig directly after the rehearsal yesterday), and of course their bed wasn’t made because they just got up and went to ‘garage sale mode’ that morning.  Threw, shoved, and hid everything, flipped lights on my way down and told the lookers to not mind the girls room.  As we passed at the bottom of the stairs I noticed their eyes – all as big as saucers.  Good sign!  My next mission upon their return to the main floor was to keep them here for a bit so they could fall in love with the house a little more.

By the time they came back down I had bottles of water dried off to hand to them (they had driven down from Flagstaff, 1.5 hours north of us, and looked parched) and asked if they’d like to sit for a few to ask any questions, etc.  They jumped at the chance and down we sat.  Rock on.  The more we spoke the better everything got.  He manages a FedEx building in Flagstaff and will house there Monday night through Thursday night.  Anthem is central for them as they have children an hour away in both directions.  They have another (adult) child returning home and need a bigger place.  They’re all heavy and want the community center gym and pool.  They want the space this house will allow and the rent which is easier to swallow than their current place.

Mr Perfect called in the middle of this and said if the guy works for FedEx then we wouldn’t run a background check or a credit check (win-win, less expense for both parties).  I printed an application.  They asked about how long of a lease, 6 mo, 1 yr, 2 yr?  (Red flag – 6months?  Um . . . NO!)  I explained at least a year, that we could up-heave the boys once, but twice in a year was a bit much.  “Oh, that’s great, because we want to be here for a while and would like 2 years at least if that’s possible.”

Happy Dance - We’re not going to have to move again right away!

Mr Perfect and the boys were home about 10 minutes later and the four adults had nice conversation (business and personal) while the boys all played cards in the other room.

As we were wrapping up I had to ask, “We have the house advertised in various venues and have the sign out front, etc.  If you know you want the house we’ll pull those, but need to know how serious you think you really are.”

“Oh, we’re 100% serious.  Can we come back next Sunday morning with the application and lease completed and signed, and some deposit money?”

Amazing God and heck yes!

They walked out the front door, I grabbed my purse, waved to Mr Perfect, and headed back down into the Valley to pick up the girls from rehearsal and get them to their wedding gig.  (Flight of the Bumblebees anyone?)  Not long after, Mr Perfect and the boys took off to book club.

Once we were all back home again we ate dinner and filled the children in on the recent developments.  The rest of the evening had the boys playing, the girls falling asleep in front of LOTR, and Mr Perfect and I making lists of things to do, furniture to sell (now that we know we’re really moving) and setting condo cleaning/truck I/condo painting/truck II/house cleaning dates while ensuring we can still acknowledge Gabrielle’s birthday in the middle of it all and keep our Grand Canyon day trip intact (MAN are we going to need that little break!) and be a nice lay-over spot for some new friends passing through and staying with us for an evening (can't wait!).

Can I just encourage you of God’s provision, his protection, his timing, his sovereignty, his faithfulness?


  1. Yay! Yay! and Yay! Got goose bumps just imagining God at work...and got a lot of laughs from your great sense of humor through it all!

  2. You are superwoman! That just made me tired!!! Glad everything is working out!

  3. God is so good! Love his timing and provision, these are things we've been learning to trust him these days too!
    Can't wait to see you!


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