Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doing Things

I have a very nice on-line friend who has great wisdom.

She says,

"When you do stuff, stuff gets done."

With this move comes a lot of work.  No big surprise, as all moving is work.  But we have the added 'to-dos' of thinning out and sizing down considerably, priming and painting 2 bedrooms, the dining room, and laundry room, removing the popcorn ceiling and thus/priming/painting the new surface, and removing carpet, etc., and then installing wood flooring - also in the master bedroom.

And, of course, there's the packing and cleaning at the house that needs to be done simultaneously.  Oh,and I need to do some laundry and the bathrooms need to be cleaned and running the vacuum here would be a nice idea.

YES, it's a lot.

And we get all sorts of supportive comments to our adventure from all sorts of people, near and far.

But here's the deal ~


There are six of us.  We've been doing a little bit each day for the past week and a half and will continue to do so.  Two of the children are pretty well trained and the other two are coming along nicely.  They're all hard and eager workers.  They're all excited about this project.  Our current course of study is an intensive unit block of life skills and character.  We're on plan.  Mr Perfect is taking a week off so he can attend to the things that land in his department.  We have a few things thrown into the schedule that will give us a nice break so we don't explode.

The Lord has blessed us with this opportunity, and we're enjoying it.  You know, we may not get everything done that we're trying to do.  Something may go wrong, and we may miss a detail or two or three.  But even if that happens it's not the end of the world, and everything will work itself out.

It always does.


  1. My lazy spirit just curled into a defeated ball and is whimpering in the corner. That is a LOT of work! You can do it, though. I know you can!

  2. It's no fun sitting around twiddling fingers anyway! One day, one hour, one thought at a time! You can do it!


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