Friday, September 23, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ Work, work, work.  Paint, paint, paint.  It's definitely the end of week two and we. are. tired.

In our studies this week ~ We learned why it's important to prime boldly colored walls, how to remove carpet, tack boards, and padding, how to remove popcorn ceilings, how to chisel up carpet padding remnants and carpet glue.

What needs some tweaking ~ feeding the troops.  Lots of junk and convenience food and it has got to stop.  Have to get back to consistent discipline, as a few key players are beginning to show frequent (and unimpressive) results of our current method.

My own discipleship ~ Psalms, psalms, psalms.  Resting in he who sustains me, in he who blesses wise but hard decisions.

The best thing about the week ~ The painting required to be finished by the time the first truck load arrives (tonight) is DONE.  Another huge bonus - Mr Perfect and I were talking about the master bedroom carpet that was in sad shape.  He says, "Let's remove the popcorn ceiling and the carpet and then continue the wood flooring into the bedroom."  Heck yeah!  I don't call him, "Mr Perfect" for nothing!

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ The more time we spend working on the condo the more we realize the whole thing needs paint, clean and freshly painted doors, and every baseboard needs to be replaced.  So, an added benefit to the move?  We'll be living there and able to work on things a little at a time.

Something to share ~ this is a sample of what we've been up against.  While I love the wine colored walls that cover the kitchen and dining room, we need the place to feel bigger, not smaller.  And the wine colored walls touched up with the wrong colored paint also had to go.  

What really amazed me was the spackle technique used by the last renters.  I've always simply rolled a tiny bit of spackle in between my fingers, mushed it into the little nail hole, and then used the pad of a finger to smooth the surface and blend it into whatever texture the wall is.

The last family to live here, however, clearly does not have the same spackle application method.  Add to that, they were burned bad at the last place they lived for not filling in holes, so they made sure they filled in every. single. nail hole.  (42 in the girls room alone.)  And they use the 'more is better' method of spackle application.  As Sabrina says, "More isn't always better, sometimes it's just more."  Or, as I said, "What were they thinking???"

Care to deliberate the discipleship going on in your home?  Here's what to do:
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