Saturday, September 3, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ It seems a whirlwind.  Al I can say is work, thinning out, and errands.  I think we've been in the valley 3 out of the 5 days of this week.  Whew!

In our studies this week ~ More learning about sorting and purging.  Boys kept up with some math and the girls beefed up their practice time now that orchestras are back up and running.

What needs some tweaking ~ The only 'tweaking' needed is an influx of people to look at the house this coming week and a solid party to rent it.

My own discipleship ~ The first of the month I go back through my prayer journal and mark everything that's been answered one way or another.  It's always so encouraging!

The best thing about the week ~ getting through Chaos!  It's so airy in there now, very nice.  However - it's not all going to fit in the amoire if we move to the condo, so I've commandeered a closet as well.  "Shelves in a closet?  Happy thought, indeed!"  Well, it's a coat closet by the front door, and since we live in the desert where coats are completely unnecessary, it's going to get shelves and be filled with fabric instead.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ This week is sort-and-mark-for-garage-sale week.  We'll only be able to work in the mornings as it's so ridiculously hot, but that will leave the afternoons for more pleasant things.  There are a few UFOs in Chaos that would be nice to finish up before packing/moving.

Something to share ~ "Know your own happiness, want for nothing but patience ~ and give it a more fascinating name: Call it hope."  Jane Austen

Care to deliberate the discipleship going on in your home?  Here's what to do:
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  1. Well done, you, on your busy week - so much progress! Hope you have a successful garage sale. And I love your practical idea for the coat closet. I guess you don't need them!


  2. Hi! Got this week's post up - and last week's post was featured on a different blog so maybe that will send some ladies here. :^)


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