Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Stud Man Rite of Passage

My sons have been intrigued by nick names, especially when they aren't simply a shortened version of a real name.

While this particular son goes by Lando here in blog world, we don't call him that at home - he simply goes by his first name.

Lando is coming to the end of the second of 3 weeks of intense football practice.

Here he is mastering some fancy footwork.

 And here he is (second from the left) lined up with his team.

Last night he came home with his very own stud-man nickname, given to him by a coach, after repeatedly demonstrating that he has no problems giving it all in the tackling department.

Yup, the superhero sports glasses there . . . just call him . . .

The Polish Hammer!


  1. Oh, as a woman who is 50% Polish - the fam was 100% Pole up till my dad up and married a German woman (!), and I vividly remember childhood visits to a great aunt in Chicago who only spoke Polish - I love this! I don't know if you're a fan of old-time wrestling - the "real stuff," lol, of the '60s and '70s, not what passes for it today - but, if so, see if you can find info on The Crusher and his brother The Bruiser. They were big-time professional wrestlers from Milwaukee in the '70s (and probably before)...and they were Polish and proud. As if their usual nicknames weren't enough, I think one of them was also called The Hammer (or that was one of their signature moves). Anyway, if the wrestling thing is okay with you, I think the boys might love knowing about those guys.

  2. No, I have no wrestling interest, but will certainly look into the Crusher and the Bruiser! :)


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