Monday, August 15, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
blue skies and a sun making more heat.
Why am I not surprised? 

I am Thinking
one day at a time.
Worry not for tomorrow,
for tomorrow has enough worry of it's own.
Friday will bring us news that could make us very busy
in a very short amount of time.

I am Thankful For

I am Creating
a clean home.
(Then I'll need a nap, still fighting the end of this cold.)

I am Reading
too many books at once.

I am Praying
for peace this week as we wait for news
(should come Friday)
that will tell us how busy we're about to become,
and how soon.

I am Hearing
viola strings being tuned upstairs.

From the Kitchen
smoothies, and lots of them.
Lots of fruit to use up around here!

Around the House
Routine cleaning, practice, daybooking, etc.
A standard Monday morning.

We are Learning
that sometimes we just have to say, "I can't."

A Few of My Favorite Things
my fabulous, perfect, best-friend husband.

Plans for the Week
daily football practice for Lando, Mozart Requiem rehearsal for the girls, World Tour Wednesday, more packing at my grandmother's house.

On my Mind
 cultivating peace while we're in limbo this week.
Possibly locking down the calendars so not one more single thing can be added to them until 2012.

A Peek at My Life

shirt spotted in Anthem, AZ.
Who's YOUR farmer?

Care to Daybook?


  1. Her birthday gifts this year included a hope chest that was handed down from her great-great grandmother. And I STILL think this shirt is her favorite gift of all!


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