Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here We Go!

For those of you who don't know me well, I love routine.  Everything in it's place (or pretty close to), relatively predictable days, getting done what needs to be done, a lot of being at home, etc.

But every once in a while, I love an adventure too.

I thought our next adventure was going to be sometime in 2014 and that, until then, we could simply continue humming along where we are.

But then Mr Perfect got a great idea.

"Let's move to the condo."

So here we go!

Now, don't get me wrong, I may have an idolatry problem with love my house.  And even more so, I love NOT living in hell the valley.  (For you non-locals, the valley is simply dirty air floating over hot dust.)  However, the condo means a ridiculous amount of savings which will put us in a much better financial position come 2014 when our next (I think!) big adventure takes place.

What does this mean?

This means down-sizing from 2300 square feet and 5 bedrooms to 1700 square feet and 3 bedrooms.  This also means everything in the attic and garage either has to go, or space must be found for it somewhere.  For those of you who know me, yes, I'm thinning out the library - but just a little bit, and yes, every single bookcase is coming with us so back off, and I'm so pleased.  And yes, I'm paring down Chaos too.  (I think I'm tackling that on Thursday/Friday, so if you don't hear from me by Saturday, send a rescue and/or an intervention team.)  By the time I'm done, Chaos will consist of whatever I can fit in the Koala Cabinet and in an amoire.  Prayers for this miracle are appreciated!

Yesterday we took care of the stair closet, boys room, niche, upstairs landing, linen closet, and the girls bathroom.

Today the girls are doing their bedroom, and I'm off to take another pass through the library.  We'll see what I get to after that!  :)

Of course, if we don't find renters for our house, we'll stay here and rent out the condo.  But if the Lord provides good, trustworthy renters, we're moving!


  1. Well that is an adventure! Best wishes with everything! Keep us up to date!

  2. You know, I dreamed last night that we were moving to a much smaller apartment. I was excited in the dream but thinking about how much we would have to get rid of!!! (I live in a 1600 something sq. foot house.You can do it!) How awesome that you have that option which will save you money!
    I kind of wish the dream had come true, but of course in the dream there was no kitchen or bathroom in the apartment.

  3. Wow! May the Lord guide and provide :D And I'm glad you're taking your library with you!


  4. Hey, from a gal whose hubby calls her "Rou-Tina" for good reason, I can so relate to your natural tendency! Congrats on trusting and moving forward, though. I'd actually love to consider moving at this point (to a quieter area), but our girls are dead-set against it (they love this house, as it's the only one they've known and they've inherited their daddy's sentimentality!). So, since we don't have to move (either for human- or God-directed reasons), we're staying put for now. But maybe I'll pretend we're moving and downsize anyway... :^)

  5. Thank you for your well-wishes and encouragement ladies, it's so very appreciated!

    Jessica - will do!

    Brenda - oh no, it's smaller, but there are 2.5 bathrooms and a decent kitchen. Whew!

    Julie - oh yes, the library is coming, no question!

    Tina - exactly! If we don't get renters for the house and end up staying, it will still be fabulous to have down-sized. :)

  6. You know, we have good friends - a family of six - who live in a ~600 sq. foot TREE HOUSE.


    You can do this :D

  7. That is so cool! OK, the 600 sq ft thing would be a bit tiny though . . .

    I'm not concerned about the 5br to 3 br shift. Right now one is a guest room and one is a sewing room. We can still shift children for guests, and the sewing room I can manage.

    Frankly, it's the 4 children who used to have two bathrooms and three sinks moving to 1 bathroom and 1 sink that is going to be interesting!

  8. Sounds like you all may be moving at about the same time we will be! Keep us updated on how things are going. What an adventure!

  9. Actually, we're moving a little bit before and then the rest after your stay with us if you are still here around the 28th.

    Adventures all around! :)

  10. *sigh* I'm tired now just reading your post. I admire you so much and your willingness to do God's will and have Him head your household.

    Take care of yourself through the process. It can be exhausting to say the least.


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