Friday, July 22, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ A little better for the boys.  Prayer combined with blank display boards, time limits, and diffusing some essential oils are all helping.

In our studies this week ~ Dickens and Twain, depending on the child.  I'm so glad they are required to read a wide variety of things from early on.

What needs some tweaking ~ Everything I have to learn.  I have 4 more chapters on a dvd lesson, and another documentary to watch.  Then finish reading the current book on essential oils, then a book on ph balance of the body, and a raw food cookbook.  So much to learn, so little time!

My own discipleship ~ I've finished working through Learning to Worship His Name and have really enjoyed it.  Learning a little about every name of God has left me with a better understanding of who he is.

The best thing about the week ~ The boys decided to crank on math today and finish their book.  They get to start Math U See Delta on Monday.  Yeah!

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ Thank you all for enduring me, laughing at me, and laughing with me over this drag-it-out issue we've had with the boys.  Thank God these are seasons and cycles with little breaks inbetween!

Something to share ~ While I really enjoyed our years of going to our local home school convention, I am really enjoying this phase of not 'needing' to go.  It's a lovely convention, well done, very encouraging and informative.  However, it's fabulous knowing where we are going, how we're going to get there, and being settled in our curricula.

Care to deliberate the discipleship going on in your home?  Here's what to do:
Grab the button and put it in your blog post.
Write your own post using these deliberation points, adding or removing whatever works for you.
Come back to this post and link up.
Leave me a comment and let me know about it so I can come visit you too!


  1. So, can I join your link up when we start some pre-school stuff this year? ;)

  2. Anyone who is discipling their own children and who wants to deliberate what they're doing is more than welcome!

  3. Here's my post - even though it feels like I just did one yesterday. Oh, wait! I DID just do one yesterday, lol! I really like this format, by the way, because (though I wrote a bit more than usual about our new feline family member) I enjoy not feeling as if I have to write a "book" about each bullet point. In fact, it's refreshing (from your example) to aim on purpose to be concise. :^)

  4. You spoke the truth... thank God that these things come in waves. And they come and they GO. Because we'll go through phases where I'm sure I'm going to lose the last shred of my sanity, and they we'll have some very smooth sailing.... ahhhhh :D

    Hope you have a relaxing, encouraging Sunday,


  5. Tina - yes, if people want to write a saga, then they should write a saga. If they want short and sweet, fabulous! Whatever each person needs. :)

    Julie - had to laugh. The smooth sailing didn't last long. Han Solo pulled a stunt last night that has him in deep yogurt. So much for that sanity! ;)

    You ladies are great!


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