Sunday, July 17, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ Ditto last week, with girls humming and boys d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g.  We went to "whatever you want, but you can't go to bed until your studies are done".  One went to bed at 11:30 last night.  Not sure how long this great plan of theirs is going to last, but the natural consequences of exhaustion should kick in any day now.

In our studies this week ~ Daisy enjoying the ability to study what she wants and when as long as she's making good headway.  Rose struggling with having a same-age house guest.  Never thought I'd see her passing a note in studies.  Wrong!

What needs some tweaking ~ The boys' management of their time, and my response to it.  I'm working on not taking it personally and not holding it so heavily against them.  They're 11, but then they're 5, ya know?

My own discipleship ~ Really enjoying continued thought (from Sunday's service) on the covenant promises of Abraham, that those promises are for me too, and that I am part of a promise kept.  Amazing!

The best thing about the week ~ Getting a grip.  I rearranged the family room this morning and am ever hopeful that it may help the boys.  The good cleaning it required was a bonus.  :)

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ For those of you with boys - What in the world is this taking-all-day-long thing and how long does it last???  At what chronological age does this usually strike?  Is this a normal thing they have to grow through?

Something to share ~ Lest one thinks it's all distress around here where the boys are concerned, let me share Tuesday's spelling work from Lando.  Look at his sentence for the word, "memories".  (We'll work on proper capitalization later!)

Here's half of the new family room.  If this set-up works, I'm going to skirt the tables.  Also, the backs of the display boards will have to be covered with something a tad more appealing.  Right now they look a little too 'warehouse' for me.

Had to chuckle.
Did you notice how the boys are sitting?
Think their identical twins or what?

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  1. Q - first, wow to your son's handwriting. I hope mine is writing that well at 11. 2nd - arrrggghhh!!! Mine is 8 and I feel like quitting school all the time. It's like I'm dragging him through each day. He level of caring is so low that his work is worse that last year's grade. I'm at my wits end. Let me know if you find the cure.

  2. Just got back from vacation on Saturday afternoon so I have to post my deliberation and link up! Question for you, though: Rose has a same-age house guest and it sounds like that girl is doing some home-learning, too? At the beginning of August, we'll be hosting the girls' same-age friend for two weeks (well, Monday-Friday, 8-3 anyway). This came up since we started our new academic term and I both wanted to accommodate the request because we love this friend AND continue with our term. The girl attends public school, and is a good kid...but this will be in the heart of her "summer vacation." Suggestions about how/what to do to see that we accomplish at least some academics?

  3. Jessica - a science fair project board around the tables and therapeutic grade lemon oil rubbed into the inside of the wrists has helped quite a bit.

    Tina - our house guests are home educators, and we have the children and the mother, so I'm not heading up their life. We live our own lives and simply meet up for meals. The girls study their own things, they just sit side by side to do it. (Unless they're more busy giggling at which point Rose studies in my room!)

    Anyway, you may want to look ahead to what you're studying and build a small unit study around it. This individual reading book in the morning, write a paragraph about it after break, thus and such read aloud in the afternoon, have the girls create their own lap books as a hands-on project for the afternoon (with their paragraphs, illustrations, maps, whatever). Your girls continue almost on track and your guest gets to learn something for real and have a self-made memento of the 'vacation'. (Perhaps they can create an 'extra' pocket for photos of the non-related stuff. Playing in the sprinklers, getting ice cream, etc.)

    Let me know what you end up doing and how it works out! :)

  4. Love the handwriting, but even more the message :D

    Is it bad that I'm cracking up just a little about Daisy passing a note? She's a good kid.

    And I LOVE the pic of the two boys in their isolation cells, with their adorable legs curled the same way. And I say "isolation cells" very tongue-in-cheek. My husband had that sort of set-up when he was in elementary school, and my oldest benefits from reducing distractions too. Having his desk face a blank wall seems to be working.

    My most distractable boy can take FOR-EH-VAH to do his work. I've had to set time limits, such as,"We're working on math from 10-11, and then we're moving on. What you don't finish them you will finish later while your brothers play." That way we can all move on together with the things we do together and he doesn't bog down his brothers. And - consequently - he gets more motivated.

    I guess it comes down to what motivates them.


  5. Here's my deliberation for the week that was, lol: It's not posting on the linky, but maybe that's because it's so late. Hope I can add onto this coming week's when you do it. :^)


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