Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
Sunny and hot - as it will be for the next. four. months.
104 today, 110 tomorrow.
Not. Bitter.

I am Thinking
How much I appreciate my husband getting an a/c man here asap this morning.  Sure would have been a long day had that not been tended to early on.

I am Thankful For
Lessons learned, air conditioning, home, and a few hours of normalcy.

I am Creating
3rd quarter schedules for our academic work laid out by a new plan of attack.

I am Reading
Crunch Time  A gift from my mother, fun!

I am Praying
Travel safety for Mr Perfect and Daisy,  employment for dear friends, recovery for my grandmother, long term provision for our house guests . . .

I am Hearing
A movie that we're squeezing in while our guests are out.

From the Kitchen
Broccoli Linguine - delicious but not Mr Perfect's favorite.  So - we always have it when he's away.  :)

Around the House
Back into the swing of academic pursuits.  Was it bad that I didn't remember we were supposed to start yesterday until Sunday night?

We are Learning
Pretense and fake vs real with value.

A Few of My Favorite Things
Enough sleep, good movies, our stash of wine restocked.

Plans for the Week
An orthodontist appointment and an anniversary party.  A nice, low key week.

On my Mind
The similarities of the characters in RED to a few friends and acquaintances (myself included) pointed out to me by some of said friends.  HA!

A Peek at My Life
My apologies, no peeks.  I have limited desktop access, and that's where all the photos are.

Care to Daybook?


  1. You do have a lot going on! Glad you don't have to sit in 110 with no A/C to try to deal with it all :D


  2. RED? Do tell! :o) Hubby and I loved that movie.

  3. The fabulous friends we visited in TN? The husband is Frank and the wife is Sarah. We have matches for Marvin and Alexander as well, but public disclosure is ridiculously unsafe. I’m VICTORIA!

    And what’s so funny is that seriously – these matches are alarmingly on target. FUN!


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