Friday, June 24, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ Went well, considering I didn't remember that we were starting our third quarter until SUNDAY NIGHT!  With recent vacations, guests, quartet camp, etc. I guess I was still just a bit off.  ;)

In our studies this week ~ We revamped the way the girls' schedules are set up.  They used to be in a calendar method, but when life happens you end up rewriting a lot.  Our new Excel spread sheet will rarely need such an overhaul.

What needs some tweaking ~ Writing for the boys.  Going to start IEW with them next week.

My own discipleship ~ Prov 24:21-22 REALLY jumped out at me this morning, so I went to Gill for his thoughts.  VERY interesting!  I'm blessed to be married to a rock steady man, he doesn't blow to and fro with the wind.  After reading this it became a double blessing.

The best thing about the week ~ The boys moving well through their math.  LOVE that moving forward, especially after a few set-backs.  :)

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ Just hoping for success for the boys' writing this next week.  I don't have ridiculous expectations, but think we need to find them something.  It will help them with their use of English, fine tuning, etc.

Something to share ~ I'm not a dvd player installed in the car kind of gal.  When Mr Perfect found Serenity (our new-to-us van) he said it had a dvd player in it.  Before I could groan he mentioned it was broken.  Perfect!  But I think balance is good.  With 25 hours in the car to TN and 25 hours back (2 days, each way) there is a time and place for plugging in.

Mobile Quiet Time, if you will!

Care to deliberate the discipleship going on in your home?  Feel free to grab the button and link up!


  1. I really like this. Oh, and a belated welcome home as we are just getting home ourselves after three weeks of on and off trips. I'm not always a blog "commenter" but I am here... :)

  2. If you were able to piece school together on Sunday night then you can't have been too far off base :D Especially glad to hear about the boys maths. How is their English? I have to remind myself that they're not native speakers. And - forgive me - please refresh my memory; how long have you had them?

    Love the pics in the van... anticipating a lot of that in our future. But 25 hours of driving in two days is brutal!


  3. The boys have been home 3.5 years now. Their English is pretty good. While they have an accent and will make grammatical errors, 99% of the people they speak to understand them perfectly.

    Yes, 25 hours in two days was a LOT. I couldn't keep that pace for more than 2 days, that seems to be my limit. And everyone else's too!

  4. I'm not a dvd player installed in the car kind of gal either but 25 hrs worth of driving...well compromises could be made!! Glad yall had an awesome trip and arrived safely! :)


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