Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lets just consider this a Public Service Announcement, shall we?

Lately, I have heard a slew of 'boo-hoo/poor-me I had to do thus and such on my birthday" comments and complaints, either first or second hand.  You know, "Wah, I had to pack on my birthday."  "Boo Hoo I spent my birthday dusting all the blinds."  Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I can appreciate that birthdays are more important for some than for others.  However, life goes on - on a birthday.  There are still responsibilities, obligations, and needs to be met.  If you don't want to be doing a particular thing on your birthday, then get it done the day before or do it the day after.  As a wise woman recently commented, "It's not a national holiday!"

It's too bad that people for whom the world stops on their birthday, have to do less than lovely things that day.

No, I'm not a huge birthday person.  Yes, I'm sorely lacking in grace and mercy.

But ~ I spent a birthday at the funeral of a suicidal child molester and lived to tell about it without drama and too much boo-hooing.  So please, world, put your big girl panties on, live your life, and just be happy for another day.

Rant over.
Thank you for enduring me, I really do appreciate it!


  1. You're welcome. I use to mess with my mama cause she made me sweep on my birthday...the following few years she got me back and made me sweep...on my birthday. Bahaha! :)
    The hubby and I were talking about how it seems birthdays are an excuse for being selfish. You know it's that day that's "all about me" when really It's all about the Lord.

  2. THIS IS TOO PERFECT!!! You posted this ON MY BIRTHDAY!

    (In which I washed dishes, did two loads of laundry, picked up the house, schooled the boys, and all the usuals, with my big girl pants on ;D )

    Additionally, I was celebrated with flowers and chocolate and dinner out, and had a great time with all my boys.

    All of which was infinitely more delightful (even the toilet part) than the funeral of a suicidal child molester, so my hat is off to you!


  3. P.S. In the extended Grasshopper family, your ACTUAL b'day is not terribly important. In fact, you're rather like the President (think "George Washington's Birthday" and "George Washington's Birthday, Observed", as calendars used to say before he and Lincoln were lumped together in President's Day) in that your birthday may be celebrated on a different day, when it's convenient for appropriate and interested family members to gather.

    g'night :D

  4. Came over with Julie's link ~ This is great, Q!

    I've heard of a family that the Birthday Child gets to be the Chief Server of Everyone Else that day ~ which is an excellent way to celebrate the anniversary of one's birth, yes?

    I'm too lame to have accomplished such a worthy tradition here... But we do try to keep things balanced.

    A wedding seems another grander event to act/think ulta-selfish 'legally.' Bridezilla. {shudder}


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