Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window ~ dark, this is an evening daybook entry.  Perhaps then it should be called a 'nightbook' entry?

I am Thinking ~ about my mother, grandmother, and some friends I miss.

I am Thankful For ~ our elder and his family coming this weekend to preach.  Can't wait!

I am Creating ~ massive grocery lists in preparation for this weekend.

I am Reading ~ Surviving Off Off-Grid  Really good!

I am Praying ~ for my mother and grandmother.  Nana's in the hospital and Mom's here managing the situation - which means managing my extended family - which means she's in a place that's like hell meets la-la land.

I am Hearing ~ dishes being washed.  The dishwasher is giving us grief, so we're washing a lot by hand these days.

From the Kitchen ~ chocolate chip banana bread, thanks to Daisy!

Around the House ~ bedrooms and bathrooms are clean, library is deep cleaned.  Next up - family room deep clean.

We are Learning ~ that sometimes children just want to take 12 hours to finish their studies and most of the time there is not one single thing we can do about it.

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ success when we find a way to help the boys NOT take 12 hours to finish their studies for the day!

Plans for the Week ~ World Tour Wednesday with the girls tomorrow, deep cleaning Thursday, studio recital Friday night, at friends' house with visiting elder/family Saturday, service and fellowship here on Sunday, more fellowship here on Monday.

On my Mind ~ RED - the movie loaded into the DVD player waiting for Mr Perfect and I to be ready to watch.

A Peek at My Life ~

This years' Phoebes.
Two hatched, two more to come.

They're very stupid birds, only 25% of their babies ever make it out of the nest alive.  Most fall to their death.  We learned that last year, thus the box that the nest is in.  If you look closely, you can see bits of embroidery floss, yarn, and fluffs of Harley's fur in the nest.

Care to Daybook?

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