Monday, May 9, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window ~ Breezy, high in the low 70's today!  :)

I am Thinking ~ about blog design stuff.  Buttons, in particular.  Then overall design, headers, etc.

I am Thankful For ~ Mr Perfect, my children, my parents, Trinity Covenant Presbyterian Church . . .

I am Creating ~ A few re-worked skirts.  They arrived to Rose a little too - girly.  I'm cutting them up, removing some of the fabric, and adding in different fabric.  She's feminine, but funky.

I am Reading ~ Darcy and Fitzwilliam.  (By the way, it's very un-Austen.  If you can't take it as a different story by a different author, skip this one.)  Next up is Surviving Off Grid combined with Crunch Time, thanks to Mr Perfect and my mom.  :)

I am Praying ~ about a job situation, a possible cancer situation, and upcoming travel for Mr Perfect.

I am Hearing ~ nothing but the hum of the laptop fan.  :)

From the Kitchen ~ coffee, duh!

Around the House ~ All is still quiet, but I expect that to end soon.  Well start a strong Monday with morning routines, routine maintenance (bedrooms today) and studies.  Ironing, and I may purge a little more.

We are Learning ~ about blog buttons.

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Lovely, handmade journals and sewing cases, new books and movies.

Plans for the Week ~ Youth/quartet/ProMusica rehearsal tonight, Crazy busy day for Mr Perfect tomorrow, World Tour Wednesday, depart to Presbytery for Mr Perfect, orthodontist, final ProMusica rehearsal, AZCAP assessments for the girls (2.5 hours apart, an hour away from home, not bitter), ProMusica concert ~ Let Freedom Ring, pick up Mr Perfect from the airport, church, fellowship/birthday meal after, a repeat ProMusica concert, please. make. it. stop.

On my Mind ~ breakfast, frankly.

A Peek at My Life ~ Daisy returned home from her dad's Saturday night, heard about all the hair cut excitement of late, and was on the bandwagon Sunday morning.

Here's mine . . .

OK, no more hair photos, I promise.  I was just so excited about this whole cut your own hair thing.  We don't have a hair cut budget, so this is huge.  :)

Care to Daybook?

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  1. I love these newsy posts.

    And MY GOODNESS aren't you busy?!

    The haircuts look FABULOUS.



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