Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window
A garden box with lettuces/spinach/chard/herbs ~ looking green!

I am Thinking
About something I witnessed yesterday.
Ladies - don't yell at your husbands or otherwise treat them like a child.  ESPECIALLY in front of others.  It's the epitome of disrespect, and it's terribly distasteful.

I am Thankful For That
The concert season is coming to an end.  Lessons, recitals, formal assessments, youth orchestra/recital, ProMusica/concert, quartet rehearsal . . . Something's got to go, and soon!  (Mental note - set new parameters for keeping these things reigned in next season.)  Oh - and now playing for church each Sunday.  Yikes!

I am Creating
A few gifts for Mr Perfect to take to Presbytery next week.
A few skirts for the Rosebud

I am Reading
Darcy and Fitzwilliam
It's ok, but certainly not as good as Pamela Aiden's trilogy.

I am Praying
Mr Perfect home safe.

Employment opportunities for a friend.

A peaceful Mother's Day for a dear lady who's going to have her first Mother's Day after the loss of her son.

Presence of God for a friend whose mother is heading in for a lumpectomy this morning.

I am Hearing
The hum of the heat pump circulating conditioned air, and the fan under the lap top.  Welcome to summer in the desert.

From the Kitchen
Making a few batches of cereal this morning, better defrost a chicken for dinner tomorrow night.

Around the House
Purging!  I caught the bug and have it BAD!  :)  The master bedroom is done, my trunk (a steamer trunk I use as a night stand), the amoire, and my desk lost about 20 pounds of garbage.  And there are three piles to go to Goodwill.  Yeah!

Chaos may be next.  I just don't scrapbook anymore, so why do I have this stuff???

We are Learning
That having a 'schedule' and a set list of things to do by breakfast (at 8:30) means that when one is behind, that means that one should adjust the rate at which they're moving.  NOT just simply continue at the current slower than molasses in January uphill pace.

A Few of My Favorite Things
The end of World Tour Wednesday when the groceries are all unloaded, put away, everyone's showered and in pj's, and it's time for a simple dinner and a movie.  Ahh . . .

Plans for the Week
NOTHING!  :)  Just the usual.  Picking up Mr Perfect from the airport, more purging if possible, studies, and calm.  Next week, however . . .

On my Mind
One of said children from the above "What we are learning" section is on his way out to run.  Even though there is only a little more than an hour in which to run, do the garbage, the yard, shower, read their bible, and be at the breakfast table.

This is me letting this child learn his own lesson.
See how I'm NOT micro managing his life for him?

I think I've grown.
A little.

But truth be known, I still want to say, "Since that DIDN'T work for you yesterday . . . "

A Peek at My Life
All hail the ridiculously purged and clean desk . . .

Oh come on.
Don't tell me you don't have handcuff keys hanging from a box in your desk, and a plastic Darth Vader sitting underneath?
(The trouble is, can't find the handcuffs!)

About two years ago, Lando presented me with a rock.  He had been playing at a nearby park, found it, and brought it home specifically for me.  It was kind of one of those post-adoptive-he-loves-me-back moments.  The rock lives inside the Darth box.

Care to Daybook?


  1. Thank you for reminding me to pray for our mutual friend as Mother's Day approaches. You know her heartbreak from personal experience; mine is less poignant because I lost my girl before I'd met her, but even just my taste of that loss makes me want to pray fervently for her.

  2. I really enjoy these Daybook-peeks into your life - and what a tidy desk!

    Happy Mother's Day, btw :D



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