Friday, May 27, 2011

Repurposed Projects!

So yesterday I was in Chaos early on to whip up a little birthday gift for one of our guests coming this weekend.  Not long after, Daisy and Rose came up and said that they'd deep clean the family room themselves as long as I stayed in Chaos to play.

Well, who in the world can argue with that???

So, here's what I did . . .

Since this skirt was too short . . .

 I turned it into this small tote.
Box bottomed, and three outside pockets on both sides.

This skirt was also too short, not to mention too small.
(If was labeled a 12, but there is just. no. way.)

It's now a lined tote.

THEN . . . since I needed a smaller black purse
(the big black is too big, 'spring' just says 'smaller'!)
I cranked out one of my reversible fat quarter purses.

Here's the other side.
Pink and paisley - mmm . . . yes!

And, of course, one can not easily reverse a reversible purse
unless their is a matching organizer to make content removal easy
Also, without an organizer, one ends up carrying a black hole.
Not very efficient!

And here's a bonus, non-related photo.

Daisy heading in to her last concert performance.
Note the comfortable footwear.
Yes, she changed her shoes prior to taking the stage.



  1. Oooo! You've been fun-busy! And what wonderful girls!

    Love Daisy's common sense. Most women's dress shoes are torturous. At least to me.


  2. I love the bags! You did a GREAT job on all of them, but I LOVE the first one (that had been a skirt)!

    I saw your comment on Rebecca's blog.... My husband enjoyed meeting your's at Presbytery too! We'll be heading out your way soon!


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