Saturday, May 7, 2011

Got Layers? How To!

DISCLAIMER ~ I've never formally learned how to cut hair.  I'm NOT a professional.  I'm simply the wife and mother of a single income and home educating family trying to make it in this economy.  I found a YouTube clip last night and this is what it taught me.  I risked tried it on myself this morning (adult, medium to thickish, wavy to curly hair) and it worked beautifully.  Rose liked it (12 year old, medium, smooth to wavy hair), so she was next.


Start with wet hair.
Bend over and get it all combed ultra smooth.

Pull a perfectly smooth ponytail that will be well-tied down at the crown of the head.
Be sure to keep the back hair in the back of the ponytail, and the side hair at the side of the ponytail, etc.
No wrapping or twisting!
 (Yes, if someone is bent over, surely it's because they want to pet the princess.)

Ponytail placement.
Note how perfectly smooth the hair over the head is,
and how tight that pony tail is fastened.

Take the tail and comb it straight up.
Again, ultra smooth, and be sure that you're keeping the hair
from the back of the ponytail to the back, 
and the hair from the front to the front, etc.

Arbitrary decision time!

Slide your fingers up towards the end and decide where you're going to cut.
Remember, it's safer to take a little off at a time.
However - with layers, you really can go for it a bit
because the change in final length is not so drastic.

This photo shows about 4 inches of hair that I cut.

Cut it blunt, straight across, with hair cutting scissors.

Take your time working through the wad of hair.
You probably won't get it all in one fell slice,
but it will only take a minute to get through it all.

This photo looks like I got cattywampus towards the left, but I didn't really.
It's just the top of a clock on the bathroom counter that is in the back ground.

There's the blunt cut.

Now undo the pony tail and shake the hair out.

These next few photos will show you a few of the layers.

I just blow dried her hair quick so we could
show you some rough, no-product, dry results.

We'll get it damp tonight, put it in a high braid,
and loosen it tomorrow morning before church.
I'll try to get a photo to add here, but I bet it will be great.

Something like this will also hold roller or iron curls or flat iron ribbon curls very well.
 Hmm . . . what to try first???


  1. Well I am super impressed!!!!

  2. Totally impressed. That is AWESOME.


  3. That's really cool! Looks great on her, and you made me very seriously consider doing this to myself!

  4. Ok I'm trying this tomorrow. I'll let you know!


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