Saturday, May 28, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ You mean, I'm supposed to remember the week?  Seriously, I'm not sure where it went.  I do  know in included limited studies as we attended to some deep cleaning (no time during our break) and readied the house for a houseful this weekend.

In our studies this week ~ The girls studied the art of complete grocery lists and blessing others (ok, me) with some really great cleaning skills and servant hearts.  The boys worked with Mr Perfect and learned about some drip line issues in the back yard.

What needs some tweaking ~ My view.  I keep thinking, "Gads, we've totally blithered away this quarter!"  But on the other hand, the second quarter of the year is always going to be the 'light' quarter as long as the girls are in orchestras and the like.  It's ok.  One light quarter is fine, as long as we don't turn it into four light quarters.

My own discipleship ~ slowing down on Blogging Through the Gospels for another week or two then will be back to that.  Still moving through Female Piety in little bites.  Our elder and his family are coming in this weekend so that will be a lovely boost.  I had forgotten what it was like to be poured into after not having that for several years.  What a gift!

The best thing about the week ~ It was the last week of our second quarter.  Now for a 3 week break before starting Q3.  Half way through the year.  :)

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ I love starting a new quarter, but I LOVE our breaks as well.  What a gift to be able to set our own schedule!

Something to share ~ The girls had their studio recital last night.  Here are the pieces they offered.

Daisy playing The Spinning Wheel by Rubinstein

Rose playing Concerto #1 in A Minor by Acolay

Care to deliberate the discipleship going on in your home?  Feel free to grab the button from the side bar and join me.  :)  I'll figure out how to do a linky next!


  1. I love breaks too and I'm ready for one. Also I have much deep cleaning to do!

  2. Well done girls! You sound lovely. :-)

  3. Hope you're enjoying your break...Miss you!!


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