Friday, May 13, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ Well, it depends on the arena.  In some ways just fine, in others it was bad, got worse, and pulled together by yesterday afternoon.  Either way, it's ending on an upswing!  :)

In our studies this week ~ Lots of music practice for the girls, so much winding up this month with final concerts, recitals, assessments, etc. (Actually, got called for a last minute rehearsal in the middle of writing this post, yikes!)

What's working well ~ Being able to stop where we are and go back to the beginning when needed.  Lando, while at the end of Math U See Gamma, has headed back to the beginning.  He's working through tests, a few each day, until we see where he really starts diving hard.  We'll then pick up lessons from there.  He's so happy knowing that he's just fine where he is and that we do what helps him.

What needs some tweaking ~World View, and some personal study something for the boys.  They need their own thing to read and learn about.

My own discipleship ~ I finished Restoration, and now I'd like to get back to the Torah Club reading, and increased, focused prayer time is a must.

The best thing about the week ~Revelation and encouragement about my son, just in the nick of time, and being able to pick up Mr Perfect at the airport tomorrow night.

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ Boys . . . they don't seem to know that they have no idea what they're doing sometimes.  This must be what eventually becomes a future fearless leader, right?

Something to share ~ as I mentioned, Rose got called for a last minute rehearsal, a feature she's playing with a youth choir.  I am so proud her.  She ran in last minute, set up, dashed out onto the stage and stepped right up to get to work without batting an eyelash.  They ran through the piece a few times and now we're back home until they have to go to back for ProMusica rehearsal.  She just rolls with it . . . 

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  1. Glad the week is ending well, and that Lando is relaxed about the math issues. You're definitely Doing It Right :D



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