Saturday, May 7, 2011

Discipleship Deliberation

The week in general ~ Good.  Reviewed our rather hit and miss from the last few weeks and pulled together a plan to get on track and still be finished as originally scheduled - for all four children, yeah!

In our studies this week ~ Writing, world view and the like for the girls.  The boys ramping their writing and science back up again.  OK, more like me ramping that back up again since those are 'with Mom' subjects!

What's working well ~ The girls are humming along well.  The boys and I a big chunk of time yesterday to rework our 'Parts of the Flower' lesson that failed miserably the day before.  (When you have your parts drawn, and they're all labeled with female parts, there's a problem.)  My not demanding that everything to go my way the rework went MUCH better.  Also, we spent about 30-45 minutes reviewing the art of telling time.  Part of this was thinking through various schedule scenarios.  "If breakfast is at 8:30.  You wake up at 7:45 and have 30 minutes of yard work to do.  Is this the day to run for an hour?"

What needs some tweaking ~ Sudoku - Lando needs to work his Sudoku puzzle one 9-block at a time and return to me to check it.  HanSolo must worked his right. next. to. me.

My own discipleship ~ Really enjoying Blogging Through the Gospels.  It is a nice and easy way to take a little piece of something, find applicability, and have it to focusedly (I'm sure that's a real word) consider throughout the day.

The best thing about the week ~ HanSolo's capacity for math.  He'll look at something on paper that says 30-27 and may forget to borrow at the 0-7 part, or invert it to 7-0.  But yesterday he looked at an example clock that said 8:03.  When I asked the boys how many minutes they had until breakfast he immediately spits out, "27!" My jaw about hit the floor I beamed at my little man and said, "Yes!  Now - how do we know that?"  He says, without batting an eye, "Because, 30 - 3 is 27!"  How he came up with that in his head so quickly, I'll never know!

Questions, comments, thoughts ~ The white board.  What is it about this magical device that makes the complicated become so manageable?  And the clock in the boys' room.  WHY on earth does it have 10 hash marks between each large number when there should only be 5?  What's up with THAT? And NO WONDER they were struggling with telling time!

Something to share ~  I think the next blog thing to learn is the art of how to make a button and a Mr Linky.  Fun!


  1. Let me know when you have a Linky & button for this, and I'll happily join in. :^) BTW, the white board is magic here, too!

  2. Oh man, amazing discovery about the clock... no wonder!

    How old are Han and Lando? (Not judging AT ALL, just curious because I've forgotten.)

    I like your Discipleship Deliberation.


  3. The boys are chronologically 11.5. I've given up trying to guess their mental and emotional ages now because they vary depending on the situation.


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