Friday, April 1, 2011

World Tour Wednesday - Defined

I've had a few questions here and there about World Tour Wednesday.  Seeing as how it's not going away any time soon, and how Wednesday continues to pop up on a weekly basis, I thought I'd take you on World Tour Wednesday with us.  :)

Be sure to use the bathroom and get a bottle of water before you go, ok?

 Upon departure, the cargo hold of Serenity looks like this.
Big ice chest, violin, and viola.

The crew looks like this.
Daisy (co pilot) and Rose (logistics).

The Captain/Pilot.

Not the temperature upon 10am departure.
Welcome to the desert.

First stop.
But a girls' gotta do what a girls' gotta do.

After stop one things can start getting goofy.

This is our first of anywhere between 2-6 freeways we use,
depending on the requirements of the day.

Go West!

We needed paper for church bulletins.

Then continued west here.
Always an adventure.

What I found interesting, was that while we were there to buy
 a specific kind of beer, tortillas, and crackers, these found their way into the bag.

Continue west, and stop here.
Upon completion at check out, walk away WITHOUT looking at the bottom number
at the end of the long white piece of paper.
You'll thank me later.

Do not exit the parking lot, but rather head over for a little of this . . .

and this.  (Don't they look like something from an early Star Wars?)
We usually take care of the van ourselves, but Mr Perfect has been super busy lately,
thought this would be a nice surprise.

Once you're done exploding Dr Pepper all over the interior front passenger door, snarf some lunch.
(Love the Costco food court.)

Once you're done exploding Dr Pepper all over the interior  back passenger door, snarf some lunch.
(I know - and these aren't even the twins!)

Oh look, construction on the 101.  What a surprise.

Now stop here for your bulk dry goods and produce.
But please move quickly, because you've only got 25 minutes to get in and out
and arrive at music lessons.

Reach and pull the instruments out.

And then send Rose in to dig out the cleaning bucket.
(I clean while the girls take lessons.)

Head on in, there is music to be studied!

Rose is particularly proud of her case ID tag.

Afterwords it's time for some different music.

Which was a good thing because there was a lot of this . . .

because there was a lot of this . . .

Then it's time to score one of those meringue cookies.
However, I recommend being specific when you ask,
or you'll get the one currently being consumed by the logistics specialist.

Drive by FedEx even though Mr Perfect is working from home
because it's on the way to the next stop.

Stop here for the Poblano chilies and the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce that's needed

Then cross the parking lot to run in here.
Yes, I know - we were already at Costco.  But this is the Business Center.  You can get seltzer water and the Torani syrups required to make Italian sodas.  Let's see, Torani syrup at World Market, $7.89 per bottle.  Torani syrup at Costco Business Center, $3.85.
Yep, worth the extra stop!

Back in the van and check the temperature.
Yes, this was March 30.
Welcome to the desert.

Back onto I-17 and notice the car pool lane.
Backed. Up.
I LIVE in the carpool lane, and if I'm not there clipping along at an undisclosed pace
then there is going to be a problem.
 It cleared up a few miles later - horrible accident.
By the way, don't gawk at accidents, ok?  It's rude.
Pray for them instead, and for the safety of the crew tending to the accident.

Ahh . . . heading OUT of the valley, my FAVORITE part of the driving.
The valley traffic really is obnoxious.
Too many people down there.
And the nice layer of brown.

On the way to our next stop we get to drive by the
Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Center.
This is where I threaten to leave the children when they're making me crazy.

Ahh . . . the library.
I like this stop.

Once we've picked up our holds, etc, it's back to I-17 northbound.  This blurry photo is a taste of our 'spring'.  The yellow blurs are flowers.  In another week there will be orange and purple in there too.  That will last about 10 days and then all literal hell will break loose and summer will be upon us.
(The calendar matters not.  When it's over 100, it's summer.)

Here's some of the decorative work they're doing along side the freeway.

And the list of errands is not complete until you go back to where you started.

This is another part I like, heading into Anthem.

These were frozen in January.  That was a first!

Daisy Mountain

Drop off Rose to get the mail.

Woo Hoo!  HOME!

The Welcoming & Unloading Committee Chairman.

Trusty sidekick HanSolo.

Unload the cargo hold.

Unload the ice chest.

Once I'm inside, this is my first requirement.
You can't see her tail because it's wagging so fast.
Think she missed me?

Next . . .

Then, after you've had your hair up all day long, do THIS!

Put on a spring night gown and then do THIS!

And enjoy a little of THIS!

Congratulations, you've survived your first World Tour Wednesday!
Exhausted yet?  :)


  1. Awesome post! I have been curious about your World Tour Wednesdays for a while, lol. Thank you!

  2. Hey, I just saw you on the Ultimate Blog Party and I had to stop by! I'm really only doing numbers that end in 3 now (since my blog is #73 and "Rou-Tina" had to devise a plan of action to tackle visiting some fellow blogs!), but I saw you right there at #182 so... :^) Does this mean you've now opened up the blog...or just for this week. :^)

  3. O.M.Goodness! I'm exhausted from that post. What a day, what a day! And you do that every week? Impressive, Sista!

  4. Good golly, Miss Molly!

    Is it like that often, or is that your one day of the week that you run around like crazy?

    I haven't seen 76F since August, but we did get a couple hours of sunlight today. (Everyone is blinking and squinting in confusion.)


  5. Holy cow, I need a nap...

    Glad you could join the party, stop by and say hi when you get the chance!

  6. We are a one vehicle family. With the girls having lessons on Wednesdays, we just make that errands day. I have the van and we do EVERYTHING in one fell swoop.

  7. Oh - and Cheryl - we only do this on the weeks that we want to eat! ;) Yes, one day a week, every week unless someone is sick or something odd throws us off.

  8. Wow! Quite the day! You can keep that hot weather though... ugh. When it gets over 80 here it's summer!!


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