Monday, April 18, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside My Window ~ Clear skies, trees swaying a bit.  Lots of green poking up in the herb garden box.  :)

I am Thinking ~ I love our church!

I am Thankful For ~ Information freely shared.

I am Creating ~ A balanced grocery budget.  A new focus for our academic quarter.

I am Reading ~ Amish Grace

I am Praying ~ For healing for my family, protection from TSA for a traveling friend, for the kinds of things a family needs as they're settling into a new home and life.

I am Hearing ~ The normal sounds of children working through morning routines.

From the Kitchen ~ Lots of hot tea with lots of lemon and honey.  (Cough/hack)

Around the House ~ Getting back into the swing of things after starting a church last week, and then being sick this week.

We are Learning ~ That life really is better when we take care of each other rather than start the, "It's not my job." thing.

A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Watching Mr Perfect finally get the sleep he so desperately needs.

Plans for the Week ~ Nice and quiet, just the way I like it.  :)

On my Mind ~ What the Lord really wants my children studying.

A Peek at My Life


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  1. I would really love to hear more about your church - how it came about, how it's been going, etc. Very happy for you. :^)

  2. Starting a church?!?! As in, STARTING a new church (as opposed to starting to attend a new church) ?!!!

    No wonder you're excited!

    Hope you're over your cold soon,


  3. Started April 10 in my library! More on that later! :)


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